Paratech Structural Shoring

Paratech offers two systems to support buildings: the AcmeThread shoring system and the LongShore shoring system. The AcmeThread is smaller, lighter, and easier to move around, but it can’t handle as much weight. On the other hand, the LongShore system is bigger and a bit heavier, but it’s super strong and can support heavier loads.

When you pair these systems with Paratech’s many structural support accessories, you get the best way to help a weakened building stay steady and prevent things from shifting. Paratech has lots of different heads, bases, and other add-ons that make these systems even more useful for rescuers.

The AcmeThread Rescue Strut System has a 2½-inch-wide threaded aluminum rod that slides out of a 3-inch-wide aluminum tube. It uses a special kind of square thread to make sure the rod and tube connect really well and transfer weight to the ground safely. You can make these struts longer by hand or by using air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen.

The LongShore Rescue Strut System has a 3-inch-wide threaded aluminum rod that extends from a 3½-inch-wide aluminum tube. It also uses a square thread for a strong connection and can be lengthened manually or with air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen. These struts are great for supporting very heavy loads or when you need longer supports.

• 3″ (7,62 cm) diameter aluminum alloy tube with aluminum alloy movable shaft
• Locking collar on a square thread for infinite adjustment and full surface contact of the shaft through the collar into the tube.
• Threaded shaft and collar always default to a locked position ensuring load support is always maintained regardless of user intervention
• Lightly textured knurled locking collar for easy grip
• Easy tool-less screw shaft removal for quick field cleaning and repair
• Hard-coat anodized for protection and longevity
• Extendable by pneumatic controls
• All pneumatic fittings made of non-sparking corrosion-resistant brass
• Large brightly colored labeling system denoting strut size
• Simple visual representation of strut extension lengths to assist rescuers in gauging how much extension remains when in use.

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