Paratech Single Piece Forged Hooligan

The SPF Hooligan is a special tool made in one piece to be even better than what the FDNY needs for their main tools used to break into places. It’s the very first redesigned tool of its kind with new features.
East Wind supplies a wide variety of tools for breaking into places, both for individuals and teams during firefighting operations in the UAE and Middle East. We have tools like the Biel Tool, TiTAN Crash Axe, Pry-Axe, Hooligan, PRT, and TopCut Fire Axe. These tools vary in what they can do and how heavy they are, so Paratech has the right tools for different situations. East Wind is a key dealer for SPF Hooligans in the UAE and the Middle East.

• Single Piece, closed die. Forging for absolute consistent lengths
• Recessed nail puller type claw, a thin curved profile
• The cable groove at the rear of the tool head
• High-Phosphorous Electroless nickel plating
• Parallel opening for gas valve shut-offs, locks, and hasps
• The thinnest claw on the market is designed for better wedging
• The curved bill is long with a smooth incline to force windows and doors
• Long, sharp, tapered, and gently curved pike to break a lock or latch

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