Paratech AcmeThread Rescue Struts

The AcmeThread Rescue Struts offers top-notch vehicle stabilization capabilities, ensuring maximum functionality. It can handle various situations, including structural collapses and trench shoring. Plus, it allows for remote placement, making it even more versatile.
You have the option to upgrade your current AcmeThread Rescue Struts with this kit. This means you can enhance the performance of your existing equipment, saving you time and resources.
This is a reliable solution for stabilizing vehicles and handling structural emergencies. Its remote placement feature adds to its flexibility, and it’s also compatible with your current AcmeThread Rescue Struts, making it a practical choice for any rescue operation.
Contact East Wind for the best in the industry Acme Thread Rescue Struts in the UAE and the Middle East.

• Made from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized
• Alloy steel gears, hardened ball bearings, smooth and easy lifting
• Contoured gear box designed to resist dragging during vehicle lifts
• Directional safety mechanism insures movement in desired direction it
• Available in two sizes: 25-36 in / 64-91 cm and 37-58 in / 94-147 cm
• Available as a retrofit kit for existing Paratech AcmeThread Struts

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