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  • Dräger SPC 2400 PVC / Flexothane Splash Tight Suit

    The Dräger SPC 2400 is a reusable suit, which is reliable in protecting you from liquids and dust. The suit is available in a specially robust version made of PVC or as a light, water vapour permeable version made of flexothane.

    • Dräger SPC 2400 PVC
    • Dräger SPC 2400 Flexothane
    • Versatile applications
    • Reusable

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  • Dräger SPC 3700 with CVA 0700 Splash Suit and Vest

    The Dräger SPC 3700 is a constant flow disposable suit. In combination with the newly designed vest CVA 0700 it offers ideal protection, comfort and flexibility. The liquid-tight protective suit (type 3) protects the wearer from contact with chemicals and allows greater movement, while the vest provides the necessary breathing and ventilation air for a pleasant cooling effect.

    • Carefree breathing – even in tough environments
    • Get more done with more safety
    • Easy to don, easy to wear
    • Quality you can see and feel

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  • Dräger SPC 4400 / SPC 4800 / SPC 4900 Splash Tight Suit

    Light and comfortable to wear: Dräger SPC 4X00 liquid-tight splash suits offer reliable protection against the finest particles and powders, many concentrated inorganic acids and alkaline solutions, and are also resistant to a wide variety of organic liquid chemicals. They are CE-certified and classified as type 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    • Splash Suit
    • Reliable protection, yet light and comfortable
    • No matter what your job requires, these suits offer suitable protection for any application
    • Dräger SPC 4400: The ideal protective suit for simple tasks
    • Dräger SPC 4800: Advanced protection
    • Dräger SPC 4900: Total protection for workers and their equipment

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