Paratech ARFF Grab and Go Kit

This all-in-one toolkit is made for a variety of tasks in Paratech ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting). It comes with different attachments to do specific jobs. There’s a cutting tool for airplane windows and metal sheets, plus a driver for sealing leaks with rubber plugs.

The kit also includes a special nozzle that can go through tough materials like GLARE and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), which are used in aircraft. This 14” nozzle can spray water or special firefighting chemicals like foam to stop fires.

In addition to all that, this toolkit has a powerful tool called the Paratech Pakhammer. It can work for without needing a lot of air and hits harder than other tools similar to it.
And to make things even easier, there’s a regulator that can control the tool’s power, allowing it to work at different pressures from 40 psi to 200 psi. This toolkit is designed for quick use in emergencies. EastWind is the leading supplier of Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF tool kit) in the UAE and Middle East.

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