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  • Paratech AcmeThread Rescue Struts

    The AcmeThread Rescue Struts offers top-notch vehicle stabilization capabilities, ensuring maximum functionality. It can handle various situations, including structural collapses and trench shoring. Plus, it allows for remote placement, making it even more versatile.
    You have the option to upgrade your current AcmeThread Rescue Struts with this kit. This means you can enhance the performance of your existing equipment, saving you time and resources.
    This is a reliable solution for stabilizing vehicles and handling structural emergencies. Its remote placement feature adds to its flexibility, and it’s also compatible with your current AcmeThread Rescue Struts, making it a practical choice for any rescue operation.
    Contact East Wind for the best in the industry Acme Thread Rescue Struts in the UAE and the Middle East.

    • Made from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized
    • Alloy steel gears, hardened ball bearings, smooth and easy lifting
    • Contoured gear box designed to resist dragging during vehicle lifts
    • Directional safety mechanism insures movement in desired direction it
    • Available in two sizes: 25-36 in / 64-91 cm and 37-58 in / 94-147 cm
    • Available as a retrofit kit for existing Paratech AcmeThread Struts

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  • Paratech ARFF Grab and Go Kit

    This all-in-one toolkit is made for a variety of tasks in Paratech ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting). It comes with different attachments to do specific jobs. There’s a cutting tool for airplane windows and metal sheets, plus a driver for sealing leaks with rubber plugs.

    The kit also includes a special nozzle that can go through tough materials like GLARE and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), which are used in aircraft. This 14” nozzle can spray water or special firefighting chemicals like foam to stop fires.

    In addition to all that, this toolkit has a powerful tool called the Paratech Pakhammer. It can work for without needing a lot of air and hits harder than other tools similar to it.
    And to make things even easier, there’s a regulator that can control the tool’s power, allowing it to work at different pressures from 40 psi to 200 psi. This toolkit is designed for quick use in emergencies. EastWind is the leading supplier of Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF tool kit) in the UAE and Middle East.

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  • Paratech Heavy Lifting Extrication Kit

    The Paratech heavy lifting Extrication kit combines the robustness of HydraFusion Struts, the lifting capabilities of the Multiforce in the Rapid Extrication Kit, the eco-friendly durability of recycled plastic cribbing, and various other valuable features. With this kit, you can easily lift and stabilize vehicles of any size, whether they are on or off the road. All the kit components are neatly organized and stored in four convenient, mobile carrying cases.
    East Wind is a leading dealer of a comprehensive heavy lifting extrication kit in the UAE and the Middle East.

    • Ability to stabilize a wide range of vehicles, including small cars, large commercial or municipal vehicles, fully loaded tractor-trailers, and even train cars.
    • Simple to use with no need for pins or cables.
    • Exceptionally safe and secure, as Paratech struts always automatically lock in place.
    • The kit includes four convenient carrying cases for storing smaller parts, ensuring a quick and organized setup at the scene.
    • Custom-designed cut-outs in the cases maintain consistency and keep components organized after use.
    • Clearly labeled cases provide easy identification of equipment contents.

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  • Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK)

    The Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK) is purpose-built to handle the most challenging loads encountered in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations. This kit brings together three robust LongShore Struts, known for their exceptional strength, and seamlessly integrates them into a single shoring setup with the help of a user-friendly hand-tightened tri-brace.
    The tri-brace not only securely connects the struts but also enhances their load-bearing capacity significantly. In fact, it triples the shoring capacity compared to what’s typically listed in the LongShore Strut’s data tables for a given length. With the HSSK, rescuers can effectively and swiftly shore up structures facing substantial weight and reinforce compromised buildings with ease.
    East Wind is the key dealer of Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK) in the UAE and the Middle East.

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  • Paratech Man & Machine Kit

    Paratech Man & Machine Kit offers a comprehensive solution for production, maintenance, and rescue tasks. This kit includes air lifting bags and control equipment, conveniently packaged together. These components are incredibly versatile and user-friendly, making you wonder how you managed without them.
    Equipped with five 16-foot hoses for connecting to shop air and precise pneumatic control equipment capable of simultaneously managing up to 4 bags, you can swiftly and effortlessly set up and rescue individuals trapped in machinery.

    • Full compliment of control equipment, hoses & fittings
    • 2 small rectangular bags 6 x 12 in/15.2cm x 30.5cm
    • 2 larger square bags 10 x 10in/25.4cm x 25.4cm
    • 2 small square bags 6 x 6in/15.2cm x 15.2cm
    • Heavy duty rolling storage case
    • 4 plastic felling wedges

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  • Paratech Multiforce Air Lifting Bag

    Paratech’s Multiforce Air Lifting Bag is an advanced tool for lifting heavy objects. It’s made with the latest technology and a deep understanding of lifting needs. The Multiforce Air Lifting Bag is easy to use and quick to set up. It’s a great choice for tasks like saving lives or lifting heavy things like trains or fire wreckage.
    What makes this lifting bag special is its unique design, which allows it to fit into tight spaces. It also has a remote lifting base that keeps people safe while positioning the bag. To ensure safety, the bag has a two-stage feature that keeps the load steady as it inflates, so it won’t shift suddenly. Plus, it has safety valves built in to prevent over-inflation. And because there’s no mechanical connection between the air chambers, it’s a strong and safe way to lift things.
    The remote lifting base also serves as a storage device, keeping the bag safe and making it easy to store when not in use.
    East Wind is a reliable supplier of airlifting bags in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East.

    • Heavy–duty rubber gripping surface
    • Built–in internal relief valve
    • Dual stage lifting feature keeps the load stable through the lift
    • Integrated heavy-duty wheels for easy travel
    • Detachable placement handle extends to 50 in / 127 cm
    • Lift height of 26 in / 66 cm
    • High visibility centering stripes
    • Remote placement base assists with positioning
    • Side handles designed
    • Side handles designed to accept finger hooks or larger
    • Conforms to en13731–2007

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  • Paratech Single Piece Forged Hooligan

    The SPF Hooligan is a special tool made in one piece to be even better than what the FDNY needs for their main tools used to break into places. It’s the very first redesigned tool of its kind with new features.
    East Wind supplies a wide variety of tools for breaking into places, both for individuals and teams during firefighting operations in the UAE and Middle East. We have tools like the Biel Tool, TiTAN Crash Axe, Pry-Axe, Hooligan, PRT, and TopCut Fire Axe. These tools vary in what they can do and how heavy they are, so Paratech has the right tools for different situations. East Wind is a key dealer for SPF Hooligans in the UAE and the Middle East.

    • Single Piece, closed die. Forging for absolute consistent lengths
    • Recessed nail puller type claw, a thin curved profile
    • The cable groove at the rear of the tool head
    • High-Phosphorous Electroless nickel plating
    • Parallel opening for gas valve shut-offs, locks, and hasps
    • The thinnest claw on the market is designed for better wedging
    • The curved bill is long with a smooth incline to force windows and doors
    • Long, sharp, tapered, and gently curved pike to break a lock or latch

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  • Paratech Structural Shoring

    Paratech offers two systems to support buildings: the AcmeThread shoring system and the LongShore shoring system. The AcmeThread is smaller, lighter, and easier to move around, but it can’t handle as much weight. On the other hand, the LongShore system is bigger and a bit heavier, but it’s super strong and can support heavier loads.

    When you pair these systems with Paratech’s many structural support accessories, you get the best way to help a weakened building stay steady and prevent things from shifting. Paratech has lots of different heads, bases, and other add-ons that make these systems even more useful for rescuers.

    The AcmeThread Rescue Strut System has a 2½-inch-wide threaded aluminum rod that slides out of a 3-inch-wide aluminum tube. It uses a special kind of square thread to make sure the rod and tube connect really well and transfer weight to the ground safely. You can make these struts longer by hand or by using air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen.

    The LongShore Rescue Strut System has a 3-inch-wide threaded aluminum rod that extends from a 3½-inch-wide aluminum tube. It also uses a square thread for a strong connection and can be lengthened manually or with air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen. These struts are great for supporting very heavy loads or when you need longer supports.

    • 3″ (7,62 cm) diameter aluminum alloy tube with aluminum alloy movable shaft
    • Locking collar on a square thread for infinite adjustment and full surface contact of the shaft through the collar into the tube.
    • Threaded shaft and collar always default to a locked position ensuring load support is always maintained regardless of user intervention
    • Lightly textured knurled locking collar for easy grip
    • Easy tool-less screw shaft removal for quick field cleaning and repair
    • Hard-coat anodized for protection and longevity
    • Extendable by pneumatic controls
    • All pneumatic fittings made of non-sparking corrosion-resistant brass
    • Large brightly colored labeling system denoting strut size
    • Simple visual representation of strut extension lengths to assist rescuers in gauging how much extension remains when in use.

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