Test Equipment and Workshop Management Software

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  • Dräger Quaestor 7000 Test Equipment

    All static and dynamic tests of the Dräger Quaestor 7000 are carried out fully automatically. Controlled by the newly developed software, each test is carried out intuitively. For the user this guarantees high efficiency through comfort and speed.

    • Fully-automatic static and dynamic tests
    • Comprehensive test options
    • Ergonomic and flexible pressure connections
    • Optimum tight fit for all mask sizes
    • Intuitive software
    • Smart accessories

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  • Drägerware Workshop Software 5000/7000

    Simply better organised: With its extraordinary degree of flexibility, Drägerware Workshop software is the ideal complete solution for workshop management. The innovative, user-friendly software solution provides more transparency, improved processes and increased efficiency.

    • Everything under control
    • A variety of options
    • The right solution for every occasion
    • Drägerware.Mobile/Pocket PC
    • Changing room module
    • Extensions offer additional benefits
    • DRÄGERSERVICE® Consultation and training
    • Drägerware.Workplace
    • DBMS Interfaces
    • Features that lighten your load. In your budget and in your everyday work

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