Nardi Atlantic D Breathing Air Compressor

The NARDI Breathing Airline boasts an extensive array of compressors, each available in various frames and featuring different flow rates, meticulously designed to meet the diverse demands of the market. This lightweight and portable series is engineered to deliver the utmost quality and performance, providing end users with the optimal solution.
Within the NARDI ATLANTIC lineup, all models adhere to rigorous international air quality standards, ensuring air purity. Additionally, NARDI offers an array of optional equipment to enhance user-friendliness, enabling customers to tailor and personalize their models according to their specific requirements.
Among these models, the ATLANTIC D stands out as the most compact in the Breathing Air range. Its small dimensions make it exceptionally portable, and its reliability and exceptional performance make it suitable for both personal and professional applications. The DIESEL version boasts a 100l/min capacity, and despite its compact size, it is a robust compressor constructed from top-tier materials. It serves as the ideal companion for filling breathing air bottles in remote locations or out at sea.
East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• Each pumping unit is equipped with condensate separators placed between compression stages to effectively eliminate impurities and condensation. It features an automatic condensate discharge system, protected by an international patent, known for its efficiency and silent operation during discharges.
• Lubrication primarily involves the splash of oil, and there’s an option to integrate an oil pump for lubrication. The processing and treatment of components consistently incorporate the latest technologies, ensuring the extended lifespan and reliability of each individual compressor component. These compressors are recognized for their minimal vibration, low noise levels, energy efficiency, and superior performance, offering even higher efficiencies.
• The filter unit is available in three versions: PAC1, PAC2, and PAC3. The electronic controls of the compressor ensure safety and independence. For enhanced safety, the new NARDI AIR CONTROL SYSTEM can be integrated directly into the control panel. This system provides real-time monitoring of air quality parameters such as temperature, O2, CO, CO2, humidity, and dew point, along with the status of the filter cartridge. The compressors feature reliable electric motors specially designed and manufactured by Nardi Compressors for each model type. Some models include a dedicated separation filter for paintball applications, and custom voltages are available upon request. All units comply with DIN EN 12021 directives and adhere to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

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