Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK)

The Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK) is purpose-built to handle the most challenging loads encountered in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations. This kit brings together three robust LongShore Struts, known for their exceptional strength, and seamlessly integrates them into a single shoring setup with the help of a user-friendly hand-tightened tri-brace.
The tri-brace not only securely connects the struts but also enhances their load-bearing capacity significantly. In fact, it triples the shoring capacity compared to what’s typically listed in the LongShore Strut’s data tables for a given length. With the HSSK, rescuers can effectively and swiftly shore up structures facing substantial weight and reinforce compromised buildings with ease.
East Wind is the key dealer of Paratech High Strength Structural Kit (HSSK) in the UAE and the Middle East.

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