Nardi Oil Free Hookah Compressor – Esprit 3T 12/24 V

NARDI COMPRESSORI offers a diverse selection of oil-free HOOKAH compressors designed for breathing air. These compressors come complete with a 17-meter hose and a regulator fitted with quick-connect fittings, ensuring convenience for users. Operators can safely inhale air directly from the compact receiver, thanks to the filtration system equipped with an activated charcoal and molecular grid cartridge. The NARDI range of Shallow Diving Hookahs is available with electric motors, 12V and 24V battery options, as well as petrol engines, making them suitable for both recreational activities and professional use. The ESPRIT 3T HOOKAH 12/24V version features a lightweight and portable 3L tank and can be used in areas without an electrical power supply.
East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• The compression system, featuring a lubrication-free piston, compresses surrounding air without the need for oil treatment. Thanks to the oilless system, the air only needs to be dried through a molecular sieve filter, effectively retaining moisture.
• These systems are compatible with engines operating at 110-230V 50/60Hz, as well as 12/24V DC engines powered by car or boat batteries, even in the middle of the sea. They are also available with an internal combustion engine from Robin-Subaru.
• The pumping units are meticulously crafted with excellent workmanship, using high-quality materials and selective processes. These qualities make these models exceptionally durable and practically indestructible.

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