NARDI Atlantic G Breathing Air Compressor

The NARDI Breathing Air line offers a diverse range of compressors featuring various frames and flow rates, catering to the specific demands of the market. This lightweight and portable series is meticulously designed to provide end users with the utmost quality and performance. All NARDI ATLANTIC models conform to international air quality standards, ensuring uncompromised air purity. Additionally, NARDI provides a range of optional equipment to enhance user-friendliness, allowing customers to tailor and personalize their models to meet their individual requirements.

Despite its compact size, the ATLANTIC G model stands out as a unique and compact compressor, powered by a gasoline motor within our Breathing Air range. It’s highly portable and boasts a 100l/min capacity, making it suitable for both personal and professional applications. Despite its small footprint, the ATLANTIC G is a remarkably potent compressor constructed from top-tier materials, making it an invaluable tool for filling breathing air bottles in remote locations devoid of an electrical network or out in the open sea.

East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• Every model comes equipped with a standard pressure valve.
• The frames are constructed from coated aluminum, and there is an interstage condensate separator designed to reduce condensation between stages. This separator is strategically positioned in a well-ventilated location to maintain low temperatures.
• The crankshaft is meticulously balanced, and the compressors are rated for pressures of either 225 or 330 bar.
• These compressors are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring resilience against thermal and dynamic stresses.
• The air conveyor is engineered for exceptional heat exchange efficiency.
• Steel valves are employed to enhance longevity and overall performance.
• The filter cartridge is appropriately sized to maintain top-tier air quality consistently.
• Minimal noise and vibration are achieved through the precise balancing of the pump unit.
• Nardi Compressors designs and manufactures reliable electric motors tailored to each model type.
• Some models feature a dedicated separation filter for paintball applications.
• Custom voltage options are available upon request.
• All units adhere to the directives of DIN EN 12021 and comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

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