Nardi Pacific M Nitrox Air Range Compressor

NARDI COMPRESSORI presents the NITROX range, featuring models specially engineered for working with NITROX and TRIMIX blends. Among these, the PACIFIC M NITROX stands out as a quiet and adaptable model suitable for outdoor installations, even in challenging weather conditions. Every aspect has been meticulously considered to ensure optimal ventilation for the pumping block and to minimize vibration levels.
This particular version is equipped with a four-stage pump unit, delivering a capacity of 300 liters per minute. It includes pressure and temperature sensors across all stages and is complemented by the NARDI control panel, featuring multilanguage software that empowers end-users to closely monitor machine parameters and status.
East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• Reliable
• Portable or fixed
• Ror every type of condition through the use of special materials of the highest quality

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