Nardi Pacific E Breathing Air Compressor

The NARDI PACIFIC Breathing Air range, comprising high-pressure compressors, offers a diverse selection of models with varying frames and flow rates, effectively catering to the comprehensive spectrum of market demands. These compressors are purposefully designed to provide our customers with the optimal compression solution in terms of both quality and performance. All NARDI models are meticulously manufactured in strict adherence to international air quality standards. Furthermore, NARDI presents a range of optional equipment to enhance the ease and efficiency of compressor operation, allowing customers to customize their models to suit their specific requirements.

The PACIFIC E model represents an excellent compromise for individuals seeking a robust, portable, and dependable compressor solution. Customers have the flexibility to select various accessories according to their technical needs and can choose from a range of pumping blocks, with capacities extending up to 350 liters per minute. This compressor is capable of filling breathing air bottles to a maximum pressure of 200Bar or 300Bar. For those requiring simultaneous filling at two different pressures, NARDI offers a dual-pressure version. Additionally, this version can be equipped with the NARDI automatic control panel, enabling end users to continuously monitor performance, parameters, signals, as well as cartridge replacement and maintenance service intervals.
East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• Each pumping unit comes equipped with condensate separators positioned between compression stages, effectively eliminating impurities and condensation. These separators feature an automatic condensate discharge system, which holds an international patent due to its remarkable efficacy and silent operation during discharge.
• Lubrication primarily relies on the splash of oil, and there’s an option to integrate an oil pump for lubrication. The processing and treatment of components consistently align with cutting-edge technologies, thereby extending the lifespan and reliability of each individual compressor component. These compressors are known for their minimal vibration, low noise levels, low power consumption, and high-performance characteristics, delivering even greater efficiencies.
• The filter unit offers three versions: PAC1, PAC2, and PAC3. The compressor’s electronic controls ensure safety and independence. For heightened safety measures, the innovative NARDI AIR CONTROL SYSTEM can be seamlessly integrated into the control panel. This system provides real-time monitoring of air quality parameters, including temperature, O2, CO, CO2, humidity, and dew point. Consequently, it also tracks the status of the filter cartridge. The compressors feature reliable electric motors meticulously designed and constructed by Nardi Compressors, each tailored to its specific model type. Select models include a specialized separation filter for paintball applications, and custom voltage configurations are available upon request. All units adhere to DIN EN 12021 directives and comply with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

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