Nardi Compressor Monitoring System

The NARDI COMPRESSOR MONITORING SYSTEM is an automatic device designed to track the operating hours of the compressor. It calculates the cartridge lifespan by monitoring the working hours, environmental temperature, and air delivery of the compressor in use. User-friendly, the NARDI digital hours meter comes with all the necessary accessories for installation on ATLANTIC or PACIFIC filter towers.
East Wind is the leading supplier of NARDI compressor monitoring systems in the UAE and Middle East.

• Utilizing cutting-edge materials with durable surface coatings and thermal treatments for extended lifespan.
• Incorporating advanced electronics for compressor management, air quality monitoring, assistance, and communication.
• Allowing customization of electronic board parameters, data monitoring, and implementing a MOD-BUS communication system for centralized control of multiple compressors.
• Illuminated screen.
• START/STOP buttons to switch it on only when the compressor is running.
• Impact-resistant plastic PE material case

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