Nardi Pacific MX Air Range Compressor

The NARDI high-pressure Breathing Air range offers a diverse selection of compressors featuring different frames and varying flow rates. These compressors are purpose-built to provide the market with the utmost in quality and safety, as they strictly adhere to international air quality regulations. NARDI has enriched this significant range with a variety of optional equipment and devices, allowing for comprehensive customization.
The PACIFIC MX model, renowned for its silence and adaptability, can be installed outdoors due to its robust and thoughtfully designed housing. This housing has been meticulously engineered to ensure proper ventilation of the pumping block and to minimize vibrations, making it resilient even in challenging climate conditions. The control panel, equipped with NARDI’s multilanguage software, empowers end-users to closely monitor the machine’s parameters and overall status. This frame hosts the most powerful pumping blocks within the NARDI COMPRESSORI range, capable of delivering airflow rates of up to 850 liters per minute.
East Wind is the trusted supplier of NARDI breathing air range compressor in the UAE and Middle East.

• Installation is hassle-free, with a design focused on effectively reducing noise levels, ensuring that the task at hand is not only made easier but also safer, more reliable, and even enjoyable.
• Accessing the filter is a breeze, located conveniently at the front of the compressor for easy replacement of filter cartridges. Positioned immediately to the left of Nardi compressors’ control panel, this compressor comes standard with four outputs. The inclusion of an electronic control system and a patented automatic condensate drain enhances the comprehensive equipment package offered by this Nardi compressor.
• Nardi Compressors takes pride in its dedication to reliability, boasting electric motors meticulously tailored and constructed for each specific model type. Should specific voltage configurations be required, they can be accommodated upon request. Additionally, all units are fully compliant with DIN EN 12021 directives and adhere to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

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