Dräger DrugTest 5000 Drug Testing Device

No pipetting, no drips, no timing: With the Dräger Drug Test® 5000, a drug test is carried out simply and quickly. The collected saliva sample can be analysed immediately – for accurate results on the spot.

• Drug test with sampling and analysis in one system
• Ready-to-use immediately with the test kit
• Easy and safe operation – even under adverse conditions
• Hygienic and painless when collecting a saliva (oral fluid) sample
• Automatic analysis provides fast assurance
• Clear results with no room for interpretation
• Reliable medicine and drug screening
• Detecting drugs on surfaces or in substances
• Extremely low detection limit for THC as the main active ingredient of cannabis
• Easy to use even with safety gloves
• Operates via 230 V voltage or 12 V vehicle power supply
• Easy to transport, weighs 4.5 kg (option available with carrying bag or a robust transport case)
• Different configurations available (depending on model, several substances can be detected at the same time)
• Can be used at temperatures between 4 °C and 40 °C
• can be stored in original package without any deterioration at up to 30 °C

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