Fixed Gas Detection

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  • Draeger Polytron 8200 CAT Flammable Gas Detector

    The Draeger Polytron 8200 CAT is an advanced explosion proof transmitter for the detection of flammable gases in the lower explosion limit (LEL). It uses a catalytic bead DraegerSensor Ex … DD, which will detect most flammable gases and vapors. Besides a 3 wire 4 to 20 mA analog output with relays, it also offers Modbus and Fieldbus protocols making it compatible with most control systems.

    • Fast and stable – the DrägerSensor® Ex
    • Easy device management via digital communication
    • Same design, same operating principle
    • Three relays for controlling external equipment
    • Safe, robust housing for every application
    • Make the impossible possible with the remote sensor
    • Data logger

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  • Draeger Pulsar 7000 Flammable Gas Detector

    The Draeger Pulsar 7000 Series are stationary open path gas detectors for the detection of explosive hydrocarbons in gases and vapours.
    The robust design and the extremely rapid response time make the Draeger Pulsar 7000 Series a dependable solution for your requirements in the oil and gas industry, as well as the chemical industry.

    • Reliable and quick measuring
    • Reliable even in adverse weather conditions
    • Easy to align, configure and commission
    • On site diagnostics
    • Documented security – protocol and integrated data
    • The right model for any job

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  • Draeger REGARD 3900 Control System

    The devices of the Draeger REGARD 3900 series can be used as standalone controllers. You can configure up to 16 measuring channels. In addition, the modular setup enables you to customise the control units to the demands of your plant. You can also embed further features to existing alarms.

    • Input modules
    • Relay module
    • Output module (Repeater module)
    • Configure your control unit quickly
    • Mounting and installation
    • Gateway solution

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  • Draeger REGARD 7000 Control System

    The Draeger REGARD 7000 is a modular and therefore highly expandable analysis system for monitoring various gases and vapours. Suitable for gas warning systems with various levels of complexity and numbers of transmitters, the Draeger REGARD 7000 also features exceptional reliability and efficiency. An additional benefit is the backward compatibility with the REGARD.

    • Individual and highly compatible
    • Safe and secure with minimal false alarms
    • Optimal installation and configuration
    • Maintenance and documentation — as efficient as possible

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