Gas Detection

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  • Dräger Pac 8500 Single Gas Detector

    The Dräger Pac® 8500 single-gas detection device is a reliable and precise instrument even under the toughest of conditions. The detector can be equipped with a hydrogen-compensated CO sensor or Dräger dual sensor.The dual sensors provide the option of measuring two gases at once: either H2S with CO or O2 with CO.

    • Unlimited operating time and there is no shelf-life limitation.
    • Two gas detection in a single-gas device, either H2S with CO or O2 with CO. Or with a hydrogen-compensated CO sensor
    • Measurement of carbon monoxide with significantly reduced cross sensitivity
    • Robust design – even for the toughest conditions
    • Easy handling.
    • User-friendly display with all important information
    • 360° alarm with various functions
    • Economical operating costs
    • Fast function test saves time and money

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  • Dräger X-act 5000 Tube Pump

    The automatic tube pump Dräger X-act® 5000 is the first all-in-one solution designed for measurements with Dräger short-term tubes and for sampling tubes and systems. Ease of operation and a high degree of reliability compliment the measurement and sampling of gases, vapors and aerosols.

    • Versatile and robust
    • New pump concept
    • Simplicity of operation
    • Automatic transfer of measurement parameters
    • Measurement in technical gases
    • Direct settings for sampling

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  • Dräger X-am 2500 Multi Gas Detector

    Dräger’s X-am® 2500 accurately detects O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S and is the only 1-4 gas monitor you need in industrial, mining and refinery applications. The X-am 2500 combines reliable sensor technology with long battery life and intuitive operation in an instrument that defines safety.

    • Matrix display
    • High capacity battery
    • X-dock compatibility
    • Long-lasting, reliable sensor technology
    • Zone 0 approved
    • Diffusion or pump.
    • Drager’s X-am 2500 is a robust, compact, reliable and easy-to-use multi-gas detector.
    • Long-lasting, reliable sensor technology

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  • Dräger X-am 5000 Multi Gas Detector

    The Dräger X-am® 5000 belongs to a generation of gas detectors, developed especially for personal monitoring applications. This 1- to 5-gas detector reliably measures combustible gases and vapours as well as O2 and harmful concentrations of toxic gases, organic vapours, Odorant and Amine.

    • Ergonomic mobile phone design
    • Flexible sensor exchange
    • Poison-resistant ex sensor
    • Durable sensor technology
    • Robust and watertight
    • optional external pump
    • Optimum solutions for function or bump tests and calibrations
    • Flexible power supply
    • Can be equipped with infrared sensor.

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  • Dräger X-am 5100 Single Gas Detector

    For manufacturing petrochemical products, aseptic packing, or handling of rocket fuel: the Dräger X-am 5100 portable single-gas detector ensures safe handling of HF, HCl, H2O2 or hydrazine – thanks to proven Dräger sensor technology and a device design which is perfectly customized to reactive gases.

    • Ergonomic mobile phone design
    • Flexible sensor exchange
    • Poison-resistant ex sensor
    • Durable sensor technology
    • Robust and watertight
    • Robust and watertight
    • External pump
    • Area monitoring
    • Optimum solutions for function or bump tests and calibrations
    • Flexible power supply

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  • Dräger X-am 5600 Multi Gas Detector

    Featuring an ergonomic design and innovative infrared sensor technology, the Dräger X-am® 5600 is one of the smallest gas detection instruments for the measurement of up to 6 gases. Ideal for personal monitoring applications, this robust and water-tight detector provides accurate, reliable measurements of explosive, combustible, and toxic gases and vapors as well as oxygen.

    • Small yet robust
    • Durable infrared technology
    • Single or dual sensor – accurate measurement results
    • Also in combination with Hydrogen
    • Various monitoring possibilities
    • Flexible use
    • Suitable for Ex-Zone 0
    • Area monitoring

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  • Dräger X-am 8000 Multi Gas Detector

    Clearance measurement was never this easy and convenient:
    The 1 to 7 gas detector detects toxic and flammable gases as well as vapours and oxygen all at once – either in pump or diffusion mode. Innovative signalling design and handy assistant functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

    • Specially designed for use with a pump, optimised for clearance measurement
    • Clearance measurement, release and documentation in no time
    • Clear signalling design
    • Economical Fleet Management
    • Specialist for high and low hydrocarbon concentrations
    • Inductive charging protects against wear and tear

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  • Dräger X-dock

    The Dräger X-dock® series provides you with full control of your portable Dräger gas detection instruments. Automatic bump tests and calibrations with reduced test gas consumption and short testing times save time and money. Comprehensive documentation and evaluations provide you with a clear overview.

    • As versatile as your requirements
    • Easier than ever before
    • More safety thanks to complete documentation
    • Automatically reduced costs
    • Significant time savings
    • Overview of results
    • Touchscreen operation at the master station
    • Up to three configurable test routines
    • Automatic leak tests
    • Automatic tests of alarm elements (acoustic, visual and vibration alarms)
    • Optional charging function for X-am 1/2/5×00, 3500/8000
    • Replaceable seal cartridge
    • 12V operation (e.g., in vehicles) possible
    • Can be subsequently expanded with up to 10 modules (X-dock 6300/6600)
    • Evaluationof sensor response time

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  • Dräger X-zone 5500

    State-of-the-art area monitoring – the Dräger X-zone® 5500 in combination with the Dräger X-am® 5000, 5100 or 5600 gas detection instruments can be used for the measurement of up to six gases and extends the portable gas detection technology to a comprehensive system with many applications.

    • Innovative area monitoring
    • Clear warning
    • Wireless fence line
    • Continuous operation for up to 120 hours
    • 360°-gas entry
    • inductive charging station: easy and convenient non-contact charging
    • Data interface mod bus
    • Secure area monitoring

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